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Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology

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Industry guest lectures

Oct. 17th, 2014 Juan M. Cárdenas, M.Sc.: Overview of the satellite applications industries and GNSS as an enabler for autonomous cars


Orientation Week


ESPACE Buddy Meeting 2012

In the beginning of Winter term 2012 it was time for ESPACE Buddy Meeting. During this meeting, ESPACE students from the third and fourth semester share their experiences with the newly arrived ESPACE first semester students.

A big group of of first semester students and their buddies

Intensive discussions during the buddy meeting

ESPACE Annual Excursion to the Geodetic Observatory in Wettzell, the Bavarian Forest

Each year, the first semester students go for a two days excursion to the Bavarian Forest. Seminars are organized as well as a guided tour to the Geodetic Observatory in Wettzell. It is also a good opportunity for the first semester students to get to know each other better.


Students and ESPACE coordinator Karin Hedman in front of the big radio telescope at the Geodetic Observatory

Dr. Dassing explains the priniciple of laser ranging for a group interested students.

ESPACE Christmas party

The ESPACE Christmas party held every year gives students and faculty a chance to take a break from a tough semester and share stories over traditional German "Glühwein" (hot spiced wine) and Christmas cookies. This year was no different, and all guests enjoyed viewing the "homeland"  pictures that some first semester students brought to share.

ESPACE Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to our new ESPACE alumni.

ESPACE International Food Festival 2012

On Thursday, April 12, ESPACE held its 4th annual International Food Festival. The get-together gives ESPACE students a chance to mingle outside the classroom and share a part of their home country by brining a dish native to their homeland. This year, food and drinks were brought from countries as diverse as Kasakstan, the USA, Colombia, Panama, Germany, Russia, Austria, and Turkey. The food was delicious and a good time was had by all (see pictures below).


Clockwise from left: ESPACE students Sean Hannon, Nataliya Mishukova, Meltem Eren, Samantha Stoneman, and Zhanat Maksut chat after enjoying their meals.

Say cheese! Students enjoyed a chance to spend time together at the well deserved semester break get-together.

At the end of the festival, everyone gathered for the traditional group picture.